Oxygen has made a profound change in my language proficiency and has also helped me to get my dream career. I appreciate the unique and effective training method which builds confidence along with quality in each student of this organization.

Praveen Kumar

Even though I have a very strong technical back ground I was rejected in many interviews. With the help of Oxygen now I’m working in an MNC with a good salary.

Jerin Jacob

Within a few days of training in Oxygen I was able to speak English without errors.

Jincy N

I am 63 years old. In spite of my old age if I can achieve this much, the youngsters studying here can do wonders.

Usha Nambiar

Coming to oxygen I got more than what I had expected.

Aneesh Joseph

Be the best, Not the first. Confused? Join the oxygen family and you will be the best.

Nithin P

Negative thinkers see difficulties in every opportunities. Positive thinkers see an opportunity in every difficulties. Join Oxygen Family and be a positive thinker.

Rahul Sudhakaran

The change that oxygen has brought to my life is unbelievable. Thanks to our trainer Shaiju Udaya and his unique training method.

Nivedh Thomas

I felt the main difference between Oxygen and the other organization is that this is not a business. This is a dream, this is a passion of a great man who has the signature of God in his heart. That’s why he creates miracles in Oxygen.


This course has been a life changing experience for me and has transformed my vision of life. I’ve really improved my communication and presentation skills because of the awesome methodology of teaching English in Oxygen. I am grateful for this course and Shaiju sir who has dedicated his time and...

Aswin Mantody

I admire Mr Shaiju Udaya, the chief trainer in Oxygen. He shapes the students to become useful and responsible citizens. Really he is a creative mediator. I hats off to you sir; I salute you .


“As far as I’m concerned “OXYGEN” is the Heaven on earth. It has given me a lot. After joining Oxygen, I felt the power of tremendous positive energy & flow of positive thought. Above all, I have achieved a wonderful level of confidence which I never expected before. Now I’m able to speak an...

Aparna Nair

Understanding the weakness of the students and reprogramming them. Really unique! You know, before two months I was not able to speak and write good English. I’m very happy that I have completed the two level courses in Oxygen within 45 days by investing 165 hours. Now I am earning lakhs of rupee...


“The teachers who teach our courses are investors who practice what they teach“. It’s absolutely true in the case of Oxygen. Mr Shaiju Udaya is the best trainer I have ever met.

Laila Sumina

After joining Oxygen I have got the meaning and purpose of my life. Now Iam very confident to speak Standard English and able to do presentations infront of a crowd without fear. Join in Oxygen and change your life.

Rahul M.K

I have started loving english after joining Oxygen. Now I would like to train people who don't know why they were born and what do they want in their life. I want everyone adressing me a good trainer. It is only because of Mr.Shaiju udaya, the Director of Oxygen English.

Anagha G Sunil