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  • HALW
    (International English Language Testing System)


If you are someone who has studied in Non-English medium, we highly recommend "STANDARD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING (SELT)". You may have got good grades in English but still not be able to speak and write English with confidence. Don’t worry! This brand new approach is for you. The outstanding results shown by our students explain why you should invest your precious time in Oxygen English. If you’d like to know more about the work shop and the result that we commit to deliver, Please watch the videos of our students. click here

  •  Course duration -60 days
  •  Duration: 180 hours

*Depending on the current ability of your language, number of days or duration may be changed.


    Before we start training you we suggest that you do a pre-assessment test (PAT). According to your performance in the PAT, our language trainers suggest a suitable module for you. The unique advantage of Oxygen English is individual attention. All our students will vouch for the benefits of the individual attention they have received at Oxygen English and how much they have enjoyed it.

    • Anyone who has completed or is currently doing their studies in non-English medium
    • Professionals thinking of improving the basics in English
    • Parents who want to help their children in their studies
    • Those looking for jobs abroad


Having learnt English for many years if you still feel that you can't speak English very fluently, it’s high time you attended “Highly Advanced Language Workshop”(HALW). It’s a revolutionary approach developed by Mr.Shaiju Udaya, the Director and chief trainer of Oxygen English. Students who have attended this unique way of learning has the same opinion.“Highly Advanced Language Workshop” is the finest vehicle for achieving high level of fluency. Don’t waste your time by studying English in the traditional way. We won't promise that you will speak English very fluently within a few hours or a few days. But we guarantee that you will speak standard English very fluently after completing this workshop. If you are willing to take actions according to our trainers’ instructions, HALW, provides the missing links between your desire for fluency in English and your achievement of it. If you are still reading this we understand that it has been your dream for ages to acquire high level of fluency in English. Moreover, you are interested to meet our students who have achieved it with our help. click here to watch what our students say after successfully completing this workshop.

  •  Course duration -90 days
  •  Duration: 270 hours

*Depending on the current ability of your language, number of days or duration may be changed.


  • If you are a school teacher or college lecturer and your students speak better than you.
  • If you are a business owner and you feel that your business will improve if you are good at English.
  • If you have completed your studies in English or other medium and got good grades in English too! You may be speaking but afraid of standing in front of a group of people and speak in English.
  • If you are thinking of writing IELTS or wrote the exam but didn’t get the expected band.
  • If you are not satisfied with your salary and designation.
  • Executives, professionals afraid of conducting presentations, business meetings in English.
  • If you belong to any of this categories, we highly recommend HALW .

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The international language testing system (IELTS) is the world’s most popular highly-opted language proficiency test for individuals to migrate globally and students to study abroad, with more than 2 million test takers every year.

In such a scenario the need for proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English has gone up tremendously. Oxygen English has had excellent track records in IELTS training and has been able to help many to get their dream band scores in IELTS.

  •  Course duration -30 days

  •  5 days a week (Monday to Friday)

  •   Sunday batches available

  •  Duration: 90 hours

*Depending on the current ability of your language, number of days or duration may be changed.


    This is the most comprehensive course on IELTS Reading with complete step-by-step breakdown of strategies and tactics to get you Band 7+ on your test and if you are looking for a short-cut, we are so sorry for you. But if you are serious about getting a high score and if you're willing to invest the time and effort required, then this course will get you the result that you want.

    Depending on the current ability of your language, number of days or duration may be changed.

      What you'll learn
    • Learn how to get Band 7+ on IELTS reading.
    • Learn the step-by-step Strategy to handle any question
    • Learn to answer every type of reading question
    • Learn to finish the entire reading test in time
    • Requirements
    • Intermediate English level
    • Willingness to invest time to achieve your goals.

Grammar Classes For Competitive Exams

Getting a Government Job is one of the biggest dreams of everyone in Kerala. Though many prepare well for Banking and other competitive exams only a few are smart enough to grab a govt job.Undoubtedly, your skills in English grammar, vocabulary and comprehension play a vital role in competitive exams. If you are dreaming of being a govt servant it is high time you attended our unique Language Workshop.

  •  Course duration -30 days
  •  Duration: 90 hours

*Depending on the current ability of your language, number of days or duration may be changed.

What you'll learn

Articles, prepositions ,tense conditional sentences, infinitive, participle ,gerund subject-verb agreement, Nouns, adjectives, plural forms ,identify the errors Essay writing etc.

100% individual attention.



Good at English but don’t have the confidence to speak in (Important) big occasions, attend our Confidence Booster programme. Our experienced faculty will guide you on the road to fluency, to accelerate your journey to confident English speaker.

  •  Duration: 15 days (30 hours)


The course builds from the basics up to the more advanced business Englisb skills you need in real life business solutions. And it is about more than just vocabulary you'll learn the phrases, structures, techniques and special expression that will take your English ability to the next level.

  •  Course duration -30 days
  •  Duration: 90 hours

*Depending on the current ability of your language, number of days or duration may be changed.

    What you'll learn
  • Master key business English Stills for escpressing Opinions,and making suggestions.
  • Learn Essential language and techniques for giving a successful presentation in English.
  • Improve your business English skills for communicating on the telephone with colleagues and customers.
  • You'll be able to write effective business emails or Letters.